Tuesday, July 28, 2009

its coming together

we finally found and purchased curtains for the living room window. its only taken us a month to find some that we both liked and we both felt was a "decent" price to pay for curtains, because I didnt want to spend bookoos and then the kitties find them to be something fun to play in. but yes we found some, and even have them up already. They look great and have taken away that awful glare on the tv. Even the apartment is dark now when its time to get shut eye. :) now just need some for the bedroom and we will be one step closer to it looking and feeling like a complete home.

this is what they look like, just not our apartment

the weather has been absolutely wonderful. between all the rain that we really really need, and the much cooler weather, it really couldnt be better. well it could. it could stay cool ALL the time, but meh it being 80's and July/August is WONDERFUL! And if anyone reading this is from the south you know exactly what I mean.

off to grab some breakfast coffee <3

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