Monday, November 30, 2009

I35 South to Elm Mott. Can't miss it!

Damon and I went with Paula and Carlos Saturday down to Elm Mott Texas where they have the Homestead Thanksgiving Fair.  I had been in the past to the Sourgham fair, but not to the Thanksgiving fair.  It was soo interesting to see how people can still sustain a farm lifestyle by using the "old school" technologies.  From candles to cheese, people could experience how they did everything their way, plus the food was FANTASTIC!

I'm so glad Thanksgiving is done, bc now we are in full tilt Christmas mode, which I LOVE!  I think I could live in Christmas times all year round and not be sad about it.  The tree is up, well it has been for about 3 weeks now, decor is out, gifts are wrapped and Christmas music is playing.  I love CHRISTmas!

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