Tuesday, May 7, 2013

shop ruche: dress love

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lately with the amazing weather we have been having (knock on wood!), i have really been ogling over dresses and fun flowy clothing items to wear on my time off. and the print & style options anymore seem endless. they also look amazingly cozy!

one of the companies that i am an affiliate for, shop ruche, has some of the cutest dresses, that have the vintage/retro feel, without being over the top expensive. well number 4 is alittle over my budget, but is currently on sale, so i may have to save some pennies and get it.

have a favorite dress that you can't live without or know where to go for some fun, comfortable dresses? please share!
*all opinions are my own & i am not receiving any compensation for this post*

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  1. Pretty, I like this style of this dress.It's better than i fonud in shesprom.


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