Wednesday, May 1, 2013

hump day happiness #2

this week is a particularly happy week for husband and i! we have been married two years as of yesterday! what a crazy two years it has been. we bought a house & had the most handsome little boy in those two quick years.

our honeymoon in fredericksburg

first things first: my husband! without him i wouldnt be where i'm at today. i wouldnt have this amazing home or my handsome little boy. i also wouldnt have the best best friend in the whole world. more importantly i wouldnt have my perfect pair; the one who completes me and makes my life full of smiles, laughter and adventure. i love you!

going to rack dive

my new job! its totally different than what i'm used to and it has been challenging learning everything there is to know, but its been so much fun in the process. not to mention the fact that i've lost five pounds in the first three weeks of working there.  thats for sure something to be happy about!

everything is green! we have gotten rain here recently, plus the weather is amazing, so everything is growing and thriving! which makes my drive anywhere so scenic. i particularly love the streets that are lined with full trees that create a canopy of the roads. so whimsy and wonderland like.

getting sooooooo big!
my parents! as hard as it was my parents babysat benjamin overnight a couple of weekends ago, so damon and i could have a night out/off without any crying, diaper changing or swaddling. or co-sleeping. it was great! and much needed for our relationship as husband and wife. i have to tell myself its ok every now and again to have those nights.

what are you happy for today?

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  1. Happy anniversary!!! Sounds like things are really going well in your world these days! So glad to hear that!!!


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