Friday, May 29, 2009

mind at ease

housing update:

-we have texture on our walls (yes walls!) and the brick is finally finished alot with the address plaque which is totally lovely and adorable. we may even actually have a mailbox by the time we make it out there tonight...

-counters/cabinets/shelving/baseboards hopefully to be in next week. *crossing our fingers on that one)

also, Damon got with one of his friends, Lance, who does home loans part time and he is going to help damon out, which means no more of HMS who have been giving Damon the run around... this has totally put my mind at ease, knowing we will have a loan ready for us when closing time rolls around, which looks to be in 3-4 weeks. Seriously?!?>! I can't believe that.. It was just dirt what seems to be like yesterday!

Hopefully I will have pictures soon.. I know I know i keep saying that.. I've just been CRAZY busy.

Oh and we have found our new weekend place, the lake! And I'm actually getting color and exercise at the same time.. Its perfect!

Love you all.

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