Wednesday, October 3, 2012

gah! i love me some ham & cheese hot pockets!

this past weekend, dear husband, my mom, my cousin, her mom, my aunt & i found our way to the just between friends consignment sale in weatherford.  luckily, we found this, because it was the last sale of the year until next spring.  all of us did a fantastic job of getting lots of things for even better prices.  can't beat gently used baby items on half price day..

we managed to find lots of onesies for benjamin & a couple of toys for him to tinker with when he gets here.  i must say ever 3 person in the place was a pregnant lady.  talk about estrogen pool.

afterwards, husband & i, figured it was as good a time as any to get registered at target and babys r us.  what a whipping! i'm so glad its done and hope to never have to register again for anything. some people enjoy registering. i personally hate it. and being pregnant and having to register is even worse.  but thank goodness its done & bring on the baby stuff!

we have another visit here in a couple of weeks & benjamin is growing bigger every day, so i cant wait to see his progress. i've been getting over a chest cold the last few days, so its been really hard the last couple of days, just trying to sleep & be a "happy" pregnant lady. i think husband is the one suffering most. :( thank you love for putting up with me and my horrible hacking cough.

other fun exciting baby news, i'm hoping to pull out my sewing machine in the next few weeks and start some projects for mister benjamin to enjoy or use.. now i just need the gift of motivation to get busy..

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  1. Thanks for the update friend! Glad to hear you found so many deals!


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