Monday, October 29, 2012

how this stella got her groove back

over the last six months, thank you pregnancy, i have had NO desire what so ever to cook or bake. well other than basic nutritional needs. and that my friends has been pretty basic.

until this past weekend.  its soup week at work this week.  we are constantly finding reasons to bring ridiculous amounts of food and gorge ourselves until we are plump & sleepy.

i signed up for chili.  while i'm sworn to semi-secrecy over this said recipe, i have a recipe for super delish cheesy chicken enchilada soup that i will share later this week.

& because of said soup week, i have gained my desire to bake and make yummy things again. THANK YOU LORD!

tonights plan - cookies. with m&ms!

oh those cupcakes up there, thats from a few valentines ago, but they look mighty yummy right about now..


  1. Boy, I'm hungry after reading this post!! ;)

  2. Ohhh, those look so yummy!! I made chocolate chip cookies tonight! YUM!!


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