Thursday, October 11, 2012

the great pumpkin debate..

i remember growing up, carving pumpkins was the only way to go. and i eagerly looked forward to it each and every year. picking which super awesome design i was going to make & then usually failing miserably, resulting in a giant hole for my "carving."

now its 2012. & i am eagerly just as excited about decorating pumpkins as before.

but pumpkin decorating isn't what is used to be. i mean seriously. there are carved pumpkins. and chevron pumpkins. and pumpkins that are decoupaged. and ones with thumb tacks. and painted silly faces.  the possibilities are endless.

so what's your pumpkin decorating style? are you old school and carve? or try something new every year?

this year i'm thinking maybe a chevron or decoupage pumpkin for myself, while husband carves something fantastic in his.

*photo above courtesy of taloolakids, which has a giant list of pumpkin decorating ideas; a few i'm considering as well.


  1. I was literally just contemplating the same thing! Carving is great, but they never last as long....i might be painting my pumpkin this year???

  2. We always carved growing up, but I think that painting might be a lot easier! Haha!! I think that's what we are going to try this year!!

  3. I tend to lean towards carving. BUT I'm not opposed to decorating some other pumpkins as well... But carving is just too fun!!

  4. This year, Wal-Mart is selling ones that look like they have warts all over them and I'm like are these gonna work? lol.


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