Thursday, October 25, 2012

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*caution: this post is to neither gain or lose followers, supporters, friends or anything there like. this is just a rant from the bethani broadcasting system*

maybe its me finally being an adult and having to help support a family &/or myself. or maybe its the fact that i've finally gotten my "voice." but seriously this place we call america is getting to be too much.  putting forty hours into a work week seems to be not enough anymore. its like we all need two jobs to make us feel like we are earning something.

its that time. its insurance enrollment time. and its come to my attention that every year its getting worse and worse.  prior to this enrollment period, i was either oblivious, naive or just playing ignorant, but things didnt seem so bad. now they just flat out piss me off.

its one of those worlds where you can't go without insurance. well apparently you can and get it for "free" from hardworking individuals like myself, but i have more respect for myself and others than that. dont get me wrong and start your slanderous comments already.. hear me out.. there are individuals out there who need the help. and i for one don't mind it at all.. never have.. i donate regularly.. i've purchased foods for the needy.  i give spare bills and change to the "santas" that stand outside hobby lobby and walmart at christmas.. i'm not a selfish person..i promise..

but i just can't wrap my head around the other people. that group that makes the really needy folks lose out on what all our systems were set up for.. those on government assistance driving nicer cars than i do, who i watch buy lottery tickets and beer, but everything else on their food stamps and wic cards. those fully capable who can work & just dont want to.

i've had to take a really deep breath today making those insurance selections. the prices are insane and generally unfair, but its a necessity, whether i like it or not. 


  1. I agree with your whole post! Also, insurance enrollment time is the worst. :-(

  2. Uggh. I totally agree! I've got a "friend" who constantly tells me to drop my ins and get pregnant so it will all be covered and free. Um no thank you I still have some self respect.


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