Wednesday, August 15, 2012

maybe meryl streep will celebrate too?

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 my heart putters and skips beats when i think of dear sweet julia child.  maybe its her cooking style or her cute little personality. but everytime i hear her name, i think of the goofy SNL skit with dan akroyd or 'bon appetit' saying. 

and today would have been julia's 100th birthday if she was still on earth with us. 

and in honor of that, i'm gonna try to convince husband that we should celebrate with an evening viewing of julie and julia, because i dont quite have the ingredients for boned duck or beef bourguignon.

happy birthday julia!


  1. Yay for fun facts! I really enjoyed that movie by the way... ;)

  2. i just got finished watching the movie! i love it! always inspires me to do something, anything! glad youre back to posting, can't wait for more with baby g! xo


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