Friday, August 17, 2012

here's to friday + an awesome weekend

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rain has been frequent here lately in our parts of texas and i couldnt be happier. our ground is nice and moist and the temperatures have cooled significantly.  yesterday we managed a whopping 86 degrees when in days past we were seeing things more like 108.  it was a nice relief.  this weekend should be no different. we are now seeing lower ninety temps and rain all weekend. perfect for movie watching and snuggling.

a handsome hearthrob now can be colored.

this guy wins dad of the year for sure.

best-ever brownies.

only online (for now!) for your cute little one.

we're being attacked!

laugh your butt off with these two wisecracks.

survivor needs this kind of game.. maybe they already do?

**and yes thats a lion wrapped in a cheetah print blanket getting a CT scan.

hope your weekend is splendid.

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