Monday, September 10, 2012

i can smell the hay bales and apple cider already

i want to give a major shout out to mother nature for making this past weekend extremely amazing! not only was the temperature beyond perfect, but the skies were blue and clear, which allowed husband and i to get some outside yard projects completed.

and by projects, i had to get me some mums to lure in autumn & all the wonderful things that come with it.


at this point in september, i'm 19 weeks and growing. please excuse the lack of baby bump posts &/or pictures.  work is mad crazy & this pregnancy, pictures of my face are the last thing i want gracing the interwebs.. i feel like a pmsing teenager all over again, riddled with acne.

just in the last week have i been leaving the house with makeup on & my hair down and straightened.  scary i know, but i've just not been feeling like myself at all this whole time. and it happens to same mommies to be from time to time. 

hormones have finally gotten the best of me and i had my first severe pregnant woman crying fit, emotional breakdown yesterday. it was bad. i think even the baby cried it was so bad. silly things that we have plenty of time to worry about & figure out, just suddenly made me beyond mad woman crazy yesterday. it was so bad, i had a mental breakdown crying fit in my dreams as too. yikes! where's those pregnant lady safe margaritas when you need one?

also is it just me or when you're pregnant does everyone else come up pregnant too? or is the water just terribly stout these days?? i know seven (possibly 8) people who are pregnant or just had a baby, besides myself.  its like running rampant.  & the fact that i have our baby names chosen already & just not sharing until baby's gender is decided is making it that much more difficult as one name is much more common than we thought.  eeps. oh well.

we have our 20 week check up next week and hopefully, cross our fingers, baby decides to cooperate and let us get our first peek of its gender.  i think that will make being pregnant even more real than before. that and i'm just dying to buy something blue or pink, dinosaurs or tutus.

i've finally decided raw vegetables are an acceptable item in my diet again and boy have i missed them. salads are a regular staple with any meal and they taste more refreshing and delicious than before. but pairing it with pizza is beyond the best.

a few weeks ago, we bought the crib (pictured above), so we can say we actually purchased something for baby of real importance. we loved another one, but the fact that it wasn't in stock and was a little more feminine, directed us to this squared look, which can go for either a boy or girl.. plus it converts all the way to day bed, which is even better.

i hope everyone is doing fantastic!

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  1. The weather was amazing this weekend!! I'm glad to see you posting again- I had been wondering how you were doing. The emotions/hormones don't sound fun, but I agree about everyone being pregnant. I swear 1 out of 3 women at our church is visibly pregnant. It's crazy...


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