Wednesday, September 12, 2012

puppies have nothing on dinosaurs

i dont care whether my little babe is a boy or a girl, this has got to be in my babe's little wardrobe.


did i mention i love all thing dinosaurs for little boys??


  1. That is flippin' awesome. I must say, when we have kids (whenever that's going to be) I think boys are more fun because I love all the little boy decorations way more than the girl decorations. Airplanes. Dinosaurs. Way better than princesses. But that's just me haha

  2. aww that's so cute! Would be cute to put a little tail at the end too. ;)

  3. new[est] follower! This is one of the most adorable outfits I have seen for a newborn...handsdown! :) can't wait to keep reading along!

    stop by sometime!


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