Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the record of my days are stuck on repeat

is it bad when you start getting emails from people wondering where the heck you're at because you havent blogged, tweeted, anything in over a week? is it worse when the desire isnt even there, so you dont exactly feel completely guilty?

well thats been the case with me lately.  its nothing personal or some kind of vendetta against anyone. i just havent feel like myself.  this pregnancy has really made me feel like crud & i'm anxiously counting down the days til the end of my first trimester so maybe these sickening feelings will go away. i can hope right?

and besides the battles of fatigue, nausea and vomitting, theres work. and lots of it. we have been beyond busy, so the last thing i want to do when i get home is crank up the computer for more typing. i'm sorry.

and birthdays. yikes for birthdays this month. husbands was yesterday. mines in two weeks. my grandmas is a week after that. its been what seems like constant celebrations & running lately and my poor self is feeling busted.

and whats worse? for my birthday, i'm totally content with a blue haired style dinner at lubys at like 5 so i can be home and asleep by 9 or 10. oh i'm such a loser anymore.

i promise here soon i will be back to normalcy and posting regularly will resume.

as far as the social swap -  i havent forgotten. well i kind of did.  pregnancy and business does that to a person. so i will send out the names for everyone, but lets push this out to use the august 15 deadline to get letters, trinkets, gifts, what have you out. plenty of time if you ask me. 

i will do a link up later this week or early next to all the participants from last month.  my super duper apologies regarding my lack of organization and getting these out sooner. 


  1. Glad to hear you're ok! Even if a little sicky... Baby making does that to you! :)

  2. I'm so glad your doing "kinda" ok! I know just what you're going thru and it will get better! Hang in there and OMG can you tell me who sent me this CUTE package! It's totally driving me crazy that I still don't know!! LOL

  3. Hope you've started feeling better! I definitely have gotten more energy back in the last 2-3 weeks!


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