Wednesday, November 14, 2012

seriously??!! already?!!!! okay i'm excited anyway!

its beginning to look alot like well you know, christmas these days in places like hobby lobby, target, walmart & on my cd player. in fact some people are already putting up christmas lights and trees. i must admit we have a few things out, but i'm still holding out on buying the tree, even though i super love the smells of christmas like pine trees & apple cinnamony things.

but it really is hard to believe that thanksgiving is next week. and then black friday. then december. then christmas. then new years. then omg, benjamin will be here.  i feel like time has flown by, which seems to be much quicker the older we get. still trying to figure that one out. 

we still have lots on our to-do list in preparation for benjamin, but i must say i've been quickly piling things onto my "holiday" things i gotta do list since this is like our first christmas in our home & last christmas as just me and husband.

so far my list:
 - ICE! like for serious man. its merry madagascar this year. and if you have seen any of them, you understand.
- decorating our yard. i've already picked out several things i want. now we just need to buy them. yay for being like a griswald.
- christmas light looking accompanied by hot cocoa and treats.  one of my favorites. and oddly, husband and i never have done this.  this year we must!
- real christmas tree! egads!
- stockings from the mantle. never had a mantle in the apartment. so its exciting to have real mantle hanging stockings for santa to fill.
- christmas movie watching night/day marathon.
- our second annual christmas shindig. last year's was mexican. this year italian! bring on the carbs and cannolis.
- christmas music, christmas music, christmas music!
- ugly christmas sweaters.
- personalized butcher paper wrapping complete with bows.
- homemade ornaments

whats on your must do christmas list for 2012??

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  1. My husband said we'll cut a tree next week!!! I am so excited! I love this time of year!!


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