Friday, December 30, 2011

hollywood influence

2012 is only two days away and while many people are tinkering away at resolution lists and goals, i find myself looking for my next hair style or makeup persuasion.  currently i dont really have a certain persuasion when it comes to my style and makeup. whatever feels good at the moment is how i've been living my 'style' side of life.

and while watching crazy, stupid, love last night with husband (yes, i finally convinced him to watch it with me,) i caught myself really loving the look of emma stone.  she somewhat resembles myself in a way, fair skin, strong facial features.  and then it donned on me.  why not go for her simple, yet classic look for 2012?

with her vibrant red hair & classic red lip, i went out onto the interwebs seeking tips on getting the perfect emma stone look.

for the face:  pick out a vibrant shade of lipstick, such as a bright red or pretty pink. Go with a shiny, glossy shade rather than a matte one. Use liquid, black eyeliner on the top lid only and put some mascara on your lashes. Apply a light pink eye shadow to the lid, starting just above the liner and going to the brow crease. Add a hint of blush to your cheekbones to get a bit of a rosy color. Go easy on the blush, though, as you want it to look natural.

for hair:  you'll need mousse, a round brush, hair dryer and bobby pins. You'll also need hairspray to shape the waves in your hair. For best results, your hair should be about shoulder length, so you may need a haircut or extensions.

part your hair as far to one side as possible. You can part it to the left or right, whichever side is better for you. Run the mousse through your hair from roots to tips. Use a hair dryer to blow dry your hair and the round brush to shape it as you dry. Start at the roots of your hair and pull the round brush to the tips to add body and some curls.

divide your hair into several 1 to 2 inch sections. Twist each section into a curl, and then hold in place with a bobby pin. Spritz the hairspray all over your twisted and curled hair and let it sit on the hair for several minutes. The hairspray helps the hair hold the curls when the pins are removed and will help you shape the curls later on.
after no more than five minutes have passed, take the pins out of the hair. Let the hair fall down and gently shape it into soft waves using a hairbrush and your fingers. After the hair is wavy, finish it with a few more spritzes of hairspray so that it holds in place.

so its on. i'm going to attempt the emma stone this weekend. and hopefully have a high success rate.  i will do a follow up post with my outcome.  lets cross out fingers.

do you have a hollywood influence in my hair, make up, or clothing??

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