Monday, December 5, 2011

tis the season for drama. makeup that is.

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its that time of year when millions of women are rifling through their closets and makeup compartments looking for the perfect ensemble for the holiday parties that they are dragging their husbands to and vice versa.  and while many women keep the same look all year long, there is a handful of us out there, who dare to be different each and every holiday season.  its a new shade of lipstick or different color nail polish to offset previous year looks.

I for one am no different.  winter brings the opprotunity for a countless options when it comes to outfits and make up.  and if anyone knows me like i know me, I love changing my mind and trying something new all the time.  and this year I'm definitely going to dare to be bold. at least once anyway. tis the season for a drama!

from brilliant reds to handfuls of sparkle, winter needs every pep of zest it can get to overcome the dreary rain, cold gusts of wind and piles of snow that blanket the ground. and I plan on doing just that.

I've gathered a few items that I'm daring to try this year.  Some of them I've already thrown into effect, like the glittery nail polish, which I must say I absolutely love.  Love so much that I plan on adding a few more sparkly colors to the collection, even have it on my Christmas wish list for the year.. And like I tell myself, you never get too old for glittery nail polish.  Its one of those items that makes you smile, adds fun to your life, without breaking the bank.

As far as the other three items go, I've dabbled in them, but never really given a giant commitment into trying them for a considerable amount of time. From winged eye liner to red-red lipstick to the va va voom eyelashes, each of them will find their way into my life this holiday season.

I was able to find several good videos to help me achieve my desired look for each of these items and am happy to share them with all of you.  There are quite a few different tutorials that are offered including the cat eye winged eyeliner & the perfect red lip.  Little did I know there is actually a correct way of acheiving the perfect red lip.  I figured you just threw some lipstick on and tada, good as gold.  But this video definitely changed my mind on that.

I hope this holiday season, you dare to try something new & different. If you do, let me know, and I would love to see your results or tutorials that helped you achieve that look.

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  1. i sooo want to try red lipstick sometime.. but im such a chicken ahha!!


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