Wednesday, December 7, 2011

fashion finds: winter crochet items

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this morning i woke up to a blistering 26 degrees outside.. by the time i left, which was an hour later, it was 23 degrees outside. and its not even technically winter yet. living in texas you never really know what youre getting when it comes to the weather outside, but i like the suspense a little.  particularly when the weather calls for wintery mix, including snow.  which by the way can come at any time and i would be extremely greatful.  well maybe except during rush hour. but im not picky. snow equals winter to me which means christmas is near.

as i bundled up and made my way outside i saw that i had to scrape my windshield. does anyone like scraping their windshield?  i dont to be honest.  but thank goodness for gloves and scarves and peacoats to keep me nice and toasty while removing the remnants of last nights frost/ice/snow looking mix. the chill in the air quickly made me realize how thankful i am for my wintery wardrobe accessories, but at the same time made me wish i had more in my collection.

so it led me on a little journey, landing on etsy, browsing the numerous handmade items that the site has to offer. it just so happens, i found several items that i would happily add to my collection - you can see them above. hopefully sooner rather than later, my bank account would happily allow me a few extra funds to make this wish a reality.


  1. Such pretty finds! You know... I don't have all that many winter accessories either and I grew up in the mountains. I did get a new ear warmer wrap in a giveaway recently... and I love it!

  2. That headwrap is calling my name! These are perfect Winter accessories!



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