Thursday, December 1, 2011

hello mr.(s.) december

all i can say is wow! december is here already, which means christmas, my favorite time of year, is just right around the corner. christmas music has been playing for a few weeks now & people are gradually getting their holiday decor up on display.  which reminds me i need to take pictures of our living room since hanging up the chains and snowflakes.  the ups guy even gave the decor a compliment yesterday when dropping off a box, which makes me smile.

the husband and i started making lists in our heads of all the things we wanted for christmas. and i am finally getting to putting them on paper, so i can make wants a reality.  so i figured why not share some of my christmas wants with my blog friends.

1. jcp is my favorite store. they have clothes for just about everything! and the fact i know someone who can spot me the awesome employee discount helps in the persuasion.  so for christmas, i would love me some clothes from jcp. this is one of my favorites.  and this one is even better!
2. lmfao. need i say more? i love their music, it always puts me in a fantastic mood. plus who doesnt think they are sexy and they know it? or like party rock?!
3. a new wallet.  i need one. badly. i currently dont carry one, and husband is getting on me to get one, but i just have a hard time deciding on one. any suggestions on a goodie but still reasonably priced?
4. texas rangers stuff! like shirts.  i love the texas rangers, if you didnt already know. but anything texas rangers will make me smile this holiday season.
5. opi nail polish! and with the coming out of the muppets line, it makes me love opi even more.  i particularly like rainbow connection. it can go with anything!
6. kindle fire.  the husband and i have been discussing this one for awhile and i think i almost have him convinced it would be a good investment for us. 

What are you asking Santa for this Christmas?


  1. Great choices! :) I would love some new nail polish too! And some Barnes & Noble gift cards for my e reader! Get one!!! You'll love it!

  2. I want the Kindle Fire so bad! It's hopefully going to be my Christmas present to myself this year

  3. i really want the O.P.I nail colour so bad too!!
    thanks for sharing (:



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