Monday, December 5, 2011

christmas tree our christmas tree..

on friday, i asked everyone what their christmas tree style was & told everyone that the mister and i are classic christmas kind of people. with the exception of our tradition of getting a new ornament every year that represents us as a couple.

and with christmas 20 days away, yea 20!, i figured it was time to put my tree up and get into the full swing of the christmas spirit. i've only been talking about christmas for months now. i think decorating for christmas has to be one of my favorite parts of the holidays, putting a little holiday cheer into every aspect of my apartment, office, wardrobe, etc.

i also mentioned a few posts back, more like several, my plans of paper chains and snowflakes hanging from our apartment ceiling.  its finished! well until i decide it needs something more. it doesnt look like much from the picture, but sitting underneath it, lights off, with the christmas tree twinkling, its just amazing and feels a little like the north pole.

notice the reindeer on the window treatment? yea had to have those!! santa is flying in for his landing. i tell the husband constantly i wouldnt mind living at the north pole with santa, mrs. claus, the reindeer and all the elves making yummy treats and toys. but then im pretty sure he already knew that along time ago.

maybe i am still a child at heart, but i'm totally okay with that.
what is your one fantasy place that you wouldnt mind visiting or moving to?


  1. Looks great!!! Love the chains and snowflakes! I've always loved decorating too, but especially putting up the Christmas lights around the house, then driving around town to see everyone else's.

  2. Beautiful! Loving the decorations!!


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