Wednesday, December 14, 2011

portrait of splendor - twopennylane

meet cat! she's behind the shop - twopennylane & i caught up with her to find out a little more about the inspiration behind her shop, where her ideas come from and a whole lot more.

1.) What made you decide to open a shop? Sell the items your selling?
Cat: Well I started making jewellery as a hobby for myself, and sold a few bits to friends, and then the shop I work in got let down by a jewellery supplier at Christmas. I offered to fill the empty jewellery cabinets with my jewellery, not really expecting to sell much, but I sold loads! So I looked into selling online and discovered Etsy, and haven't looked back! I still sell in the shop as well :-) The themes I choose are very close to my heart, they are strongly inspired by books that I read over and over again as a child, such as The Borrowers, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and The Wizard of Oz. I want the jewellery to be a subtle nod to these themes that only people "in the know" will recognise. My aim is to make people see the jewellery and have a little secret smile on their faces!

2.) How did you come up with the name of your shop?
Cat: I wanted to be called PennyFarthing but there's a fair few shops on Etsy with variations on that theme. I was mulling it over about a year ago, and my boyfriend at the time was the one who suggested twopennylane, because it ties in with my other jewellery brand, twobadbananas. The boyfriend is long gone but the name lives on. Best thing he ever gave me! Haha!

3.) If you weren't operating your shop, what would your dream job be?
Cat: Well, I used to be an archaeologist! If the pay was more and the travel was less, I'd take that back up in a heartbeat. I LOVED it, its what I did both my degrees in, and sometimes I really do miss it. But there's
little job security and you spend so long away from your family and friends it can be quite a lonely life. Other than that I'd love to design things for shops to sell, not just jewellery, but bags, clothes, accessories... and anything Paperchase sells!

4.) Any advice to people thinking about opening a business?
Cat: Oh, where to begin! I think if your shop name, logo, graphics, business cards, packaging etc are all to a theme it gives your business a much more credible edge, and makes you a recognisable "brand". Also do not underestimate the power of packaging. When I do Fairs people want to buy the little boxes I pack my jewellery up in. Since people often buy jewellery as a gift, I think that gift packaging can really sway people from liking something to absolutely loving it. In terms of advertising, your Mum is your best advert. She wants to tell EVERYONE about you and what you do, so load her up with business cards and a hug and a kiss! And lastly, love what you do. Your enthusiasm for your own product is the most natural way to get someone else excited about it.

thanks again to Cat for participating and letting us get a sneak peek into the thoughts of twopennylane! be sure to check her shop out and pick up a few items for those special people in your life! take advatange of that discount code above as well!

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  1. I love her jewelry. Very Whimsical pieces.The coffee cup charm necklace is so cute!


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