Friday, January 7, 2011

happiness greeted with thanks

Thank you everyone for all the kind comments I have been receiving lately (mainly from my award win yesterday!).  Its always nice seeing how much people appreciate and love what I post about daily.

I know one of my many goals for the new year is to stop wishing my days away, but I can't tell you how glad I am that it is Friday. For some reason, it has seemed this week has lasted incredibly way to long. Maybe it something to do with the fact that the last two Fridays, Chistmas Eve & New Year's Eve, I had work holidays, so we only actually worked four days. Oh the next holiday is so far away - Labor Day in May. There I go wishing my life away again.

I hope everyone has a spectacular Friday. It's very much well deserved. This weekend the mister and I have alot going on or so it seems. Going to a play that our best man is in, registering for the biggest day of our lives (wedding), and I think thats it. There could be more, I just forget things alot. So maybe we don't have numerous things, but it feels that way. Oh and I'm going to get more fun stationary & crafting stuff - I'm hoping to find some frames for an old calendar so I can make some lovely wall art for the apartment.  

What are all my lovely friends doing this weekend? Anything good? If so, I want to know!


  1. hey girlie! i hope you have a wonderful weekend...filled with lots of fun wedding stuff ♥ enjoy this time because before you know it the time will have passed :)

    this weekend i am working on getting a window display ready to go up on will be busy busy! hundreds of vintage paper chain links, pretty painted yard sticks, fake fluffy snow and hanging marshmallows :) should be a fun weekend!

  2. Honey I am just looking forward to the weekend with you. Im sure we will have a blast no matter what we wind up getting ourselves into.

  3. How cute is it that your guy comments on your blog!!! Mine has nothing to do with the computer, much less blog loving! :) Have a GREAT weekend!!!

  4. Hey girl! Your blog is absolutely adorable, even just the title is so cute it makes me smile :) Im a new follower from FTLOB and you asked what everyone is doing this weekend... I am attempting to squish all of my clothes into suitcases and bags because Im headed back to school! Although, since I am reading/commenting on your blog Im not getting too much packing done... haha whoopsies!

    Have a fabulous Sunday!

  5. i really like the 2nd photo:))))xx check it out if you can:) x love to hear from you:)

  6. I wish my days away too... it's hard not to sometimes isn't it? Especially when you have lots to look forward to like you do... hope you had a great weekend!


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