Thursday, January 6, 2011

the feeling of winning a grammy...

well sort of minus the huge paycheck and ridiculous amount of camera flashes..

I hate to admit this, but I'm a Blogger addict along with the "check your email 5000 times a day" addict thinking oh maybe someone sent me something - this goes for both work and personal emails..  maybe I will end up on that show "My Strange Addictions" on TLC and vie for with the woman who eats Comet Cleaner for the oddest addiction.  I'm not sure.   

But thanks to my extreme need to check emails all the time, it sometimes pays off.  I checked my email a few moments ago and low and behold there was this beautiful little "1" unread message sitting there in my inbox, waiting to be read.  It was from "A V." And then it said in the subject line "Sylish Blogger Award."  COULD IT BE?! I clicked on the subject as fast as my little clicker finger could click and discovered the most wonderful surprise sitting in my email window.  She had picked me! The smile on my face grew from ear to ear, somewhat like the Grinch's does, minus the little bitty heart beneath it and distaste from all things Christmas. 

As this is my FIRST ever blogger award, it was somewhat hard to contain myself in my cubicle.  I wanted to jump and cheer, but like the boss man says, "Noise levels must be kept to a minimum."  So I just smiled, a really big smile.

The rules are plain and extremely simple.  You must first link yourself to the person who ever so generously thought of me for this award, Alison, share seven (7) facts about yourself, then pick fifteen well deserved blogger friends who you think deserve this award.  See simple as ABC! 

Seven (7) facts about me
1.) I'm left handed, but do most things right handed except write and a few others.
2.) I met the mister on  We could be a super cheesy commercial for them- maybe they pay good?
3.) I have a crazy obsession with Febreeze.  I think I currently have 5 different air sprays for the apartment as well as 3 seperate wall plug-ins.
4.) I could eat chips and salsa all day everyday.. It never gets old.
5.) I had pet squirrels growing up as a child.
6.) I don't drink alcohol.  Its just not my thing.
7.) I cried in the Haunted House at DisneyWorld when I was in elementary school.  Haven't been to a Haunted House since.

Now, my fifteen (15) very deserving blogger friends who you should start reading:
(not in any particular order)

Courtney - Vintch
Kassi - Truly Lovely
Holli - Three Wishes
Brooke - Bright Wishes - Daily E.Day
Lindsay - Scenic Glory

Some of you may have already received this, but you must be a super ROCKSTAR because you are receiving it again.  You must have some mad style! 

I truly love all these bloggers above and hope you take some time to go check them out and send some love their way.   If I didn't pick you, it doesn't mean I love you any less, I just had a small limit to fill, and I hope you don't love me any less for this. 

Thanks again to Alison for this totally awesome award which totally perked up my day!

Also stayed tuned, because soon I will post my first post for my volunteer series - I'm in the search!


  1. awwww thank you soo much for the award!! :) and for the list of blogs to read as well!

  2. Yayyyy I got this award too, so exciiiiited. Congrats sugar! And I LOVE Febreeze also, I spray it on me like it's perfume.

  3. Aw Bethani!!! THANKS so much!!!! This is my first blogger award too! And I'm a shameless, checking this while at work, instead of actually working girl too! So *Happy Dance* but quietly... SHH! ;)

  4. Thanks so much Bethani! You made my day! I love this happy little community of bloggin' beauties!! :)

  5. Wow honey, Im impressed. Congrats on your award.

  6. congratulations to you doll! and wowness, thanks super muches for including me in this list of lovelies. honored and appreciative. some i know and love and others seem like swell new finds. bravo to you and thanks again. ♥

  7. hello lovely lady...thank you so much :) you are the sweetest!

    i am slightly addicted to febreeze myself and am not much of a drinker...and hello i am jealous...squirrels as pets?!? how fun :)

  8. Congrats! Oh and I've got to tell you I'm super jealous you had pet squirrels growing up. I adore squirrels and dream to one day own them-- my husband's not so sure about it... haha!

  9. thanks so much love! you are too sweet!

    I can't believe you had pet squirrels!! I would love to hear more about that

  10. Congrats to you! Very well deserved.... thank you so much for the return award also... i appreciate it!

  11. yay! you absolutely deserved this award, pretty lady...your description of your reaction made me smile from ear to ear too. hope you've been basking in the glow...much love, my dear! xoxo {av}


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