Monday, January 10, 2011

Project 365

Good Monday morning to everyone!  I hope everyone had a fantastic, weekend.  I know the mister and I did.  We got lots of things on our to-do list accomplished, which always makes you feel better, knowing you got something done.

40/365  Dexter chillin' in the bathroom sink. I can't say I recall him ever doing this before, so I'm not sure why he started now?

41/365  My first pen pal letter received!  What a great way to brighten any day!  Thanks Courtney!

42/365 Tea time for two! Caramel Vanilla Truffle - it smells sooo amazing. Its almost sinful.

43/365 Apparently we have a new watering hole in our apartment.

44/365 Dinner at Freddy's Friday night.  Have I ever expressed how much I love their cheese fries?!

45/365 Yes that is SNOW people!  IN TEXAS!  I love it! I think I was a little more excited about this than when I got to go to Disney World - well maybe a tie?!

46/365 The mister and I got some new placemats for our table - and of course they had to match the candlesticks I got for Christmas!  

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  1. Great pics! Your cats are cute.... :)

  2. My kitties used to drink water from the facet like yours when they were little. Not so much anymore but it was cute:)

  3. Hey who couldnt get a kick out of those pics!! Youve got a little bit of everything, me stuffing my face, goofy cats and snow.

  4. My kitties do the same thing. Especially my tabby- he only likes to drink water out of the sink. It's definitely bordering on ridiculous!
    Oh and I love your new place mats, blue is my favorite color for kitchen treasures!


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