Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Volunteer Project - 2011 Souper Bowl Of Caring

So I have been talking about my to-do list quite a bit lately, and I feel like I'm getting a lot of these things accomplished.  "New Year, New Bethani," is my phrase this year.  I'm going to live this year to its fullest, no turning back!

One of the items I want to get marked off my list is Volunteer Work.  So many of us take for granted so many things in our lives, that tomorrow could be gone.  I decided the mister and I were going to look at some ways to give back to our community and those that need some care and love that we could offer some time to accomplish.

After much searching and inquiring, we have FINALLY found something that we can both do and that fits nicely into our schedules - 2011 Souper Bowl of Caring Dallas/Fort Worth.   Let me tell you something, I can not wait to go be apart of this - Sorting food & building food baskets/boxes for the hungry and then we get to help distribute them.  Such a rewarding opportunity! 

The North Texas Food Bank is such an amazing organization that ensures we are able to feed all of our citizens in the area.  They are such a dedicated and generous group of people and all the volunteers deserve the greatest amount of thanks for giving their time to feeding others. 

They have lots of opportunities coming up, and I have already gotten information on another that sounds like a blast too.  So hopefully, NTFB can become OUR organization that we volunteer for on a regular basis!

If you are in the DFW area and have some time and want to give back, email me and I can hook you up with the Volunteer Coordinator at NTFB, so you can get involved as well.  We need 158 more volunteers for 2011 Souper Bowl of Caring, so spread the word to those you know, my neighboring Texas blogger friends!

We could use your help!

Once the project is complete, I will post an recap and pictures (hopefully) of our exciting and rewarding experience! ♥


  1. How coll is this?? I think this is awesome that you found a place for you and your husband to be helpful.... I love this!

  2. Whoo!!! Congrats on finding your project!!! If I lived a state or two closer, I would love to help! ;) Hope all goes well!!!

  3. Well done for your decision my sweetie!!!!!It's very important to help your community!!!!!I really enjoy "New" Bethani and her awesome goals for 2011...xexe

  4. Volunteering is on my list too... I really need to figure out something for this month soon!


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