Wednesday, January 5, 2011

make life hearty and plentiful


so far 2011 has been a roller coaster of emotions and we are only five days in. 
1.the mister and i have managed to get all the attire figured out & reserved/bought for the bridal party, minus shoes and jewelry for the girls, but i have a feeling that will be super easy. this has me super excited that i will have everything done and complete in PLENTY of time before the big day!
2. i learned that a dear co-worker of mine (now retired) has only 3-6 months left to live. he was diagnosed with cancer last year, and has been a determined fighter through it all. only thing, i  really hate when doctors play God & give death sentences.  the only person who REALLY knows is God. people should be able to live life without the worry of that sentence & how much time is "left." sorry little personal opinion rant just happened there. 
3. i found out my mother has a torn rotator cuff - thus requiring surgery.  All will be okay though - I'm just ready for her to have her arm feeling good again. 
4. the mister and i have a date to go cake tasting, flower picking and decor deciding for the wedding in february - i can't wait for all that yummy baked goodness to hit my tastebuds. hopefully my our decision on cake flavors aren't too hard, because i really love cake!
5. i watched a school friend bury her little sister
6. i've completed an item of my list of 2011 To-Dos - sent out my first round of pen pal mailings and received one back; Courtney - you are too cute and such a doll!

it sometimes feels as though we can't wait for things/events to happen.  we plan and plan. we hope and hope. just for that one day to get here.  and when its finally here, we look back, going where has all that time gone. what did i do during that time?  i thought that exact thing this morning when i typed out today's date - January 5, 2011.  i still have trouble believing its already 2011 and everything that has already occured in the short five days. 

i need to learn to savor the day more.  make more of each and every day that we have. it would make life more precious to me, if i feel content with each day knowing i lived it fully. i also need to capture more of my days with photographs & blogging them - so many times i look back thinking "shoot, that would have been a good photo op!"

and to help with that i'm also going to begin looking for volunteer work here in the next couple of days or so, once i decide what it is i want to do.. and if the mister wants to get involved - what he would prefer to do as well.  i really would like the whole soup kitchen type work again - it really allows for one on one contact with those you are helping, plus allows me to get my hands into one of the fields i love, cooking and feeding yumminess to the world.  (i will keep an update going on the volunteer work search and completion)

i want to make my life more plentiful and hearty like a chicken pot pie.  yummy, lots of components/ingredients & layers, nourishing, a semi-tough exterior but soft and surprising inside, and warm to the soul! 

if your life was a food, what food would it be a why?


  1. wow babe! with so much good things going on there is always heart breaks and sad moments....i'm sorry that doctors do that as well...let us live until god really does take us without telling us how much time we's ridiculous! i'm sending much love your way...can only hope that things start to look better for all...having surgery is scary (been there a million times) so rest assured she's in perfect hands (God's) i can't wait to see what kind of cake you pick out and all....i love these things...would also love to do a feature on FTLOB and/or F&F for anything you'd like to share about this journey! lots of love...xoxo

  2. what a great idea to look for volunteer work! You've had a heck of a year, but I hope it gets better because of your wedding!!! I wish I had my fiance here to do that stuff with me!

  3. wow have a lot on your plate. and yay for cake tasting...that was our favorite part.

    i like your thoughts of taking in everything and not wasting as single moment. recently anytime i think to myself or say "i can't wait till Friday" or "I really wish it were Saturday"...i've learned to stop these thoughts...there is nothing worse than wishing your days away.

    you never know what the future holds and because of this cherishing your every moment is important.

    thank you for this reminder's a great reminder for us all!

  4. Definitely sounds like a rollercoaster to me. I hope the new year brings only the greatest things your way love.


  5. What a rough five days already.... BUT there were some good moments sprinkled in there too... and some great moments coming up for you to look forward to doing. How fun!

    Can't wait to hear what you find in the volunteering dept as I'm really looking for something myself....

  6. Sounds like you're rolling on with the wedding planning! :) Oh, BTW I added you button as an engaged friend on my wedding blog. Hope 2011 picks up for you!

    If my life were a food it would be... some kind of stew! A whole lot of things all thrown into one yummy pot!

  7. Honey our year may have started a little off kilter and kinda outa sorts, but no matter what we will make the best of it and enjoy every last minute of it.


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