Monday, January 17, 2011

anemones into wedding cakes

Just a little wedding cake inspiration I put together.  These are the ideas I'm considering for our wedding cake! I would love to incorporate the anemone flower (above) if possible. ♥

If anyone has any clean, simple looks like these, email them to me > >   I love ideas and help when it comes to the big day! 


  1. hello love ♥ oh my goodness i love love love the top left one. i think the cameo type silhoettes are so beautiful. and look at those flowers. love them!

    the cake is such a fun part...if I come across anything i will let you know. have you visited

    if you haven't you should...i think you'll love it!

  2. Great inspiration pictures... anemones are so pretty!

  3. Those are all so beautiful! Congratulations and good luck!

  4. Have you seen the blog Postcards and Pretties? It's on the side on my blog, they are all about weddings and I love their links, photo's etc.
    Love your choice of flowers!

  5. It would be so cute to incorporate your cameos into your cake! :) And those flowers look so classy! I like!

  6. ahhh I LOVE anemone's -- but unfortunately they will not be in season (and out of our budget) for our wedding. poop.
    (The cakes are lovely, though!)

  7. love love love anemones--and that top left cake! GORG! I'll keep my eyes peeled! xoxo {av}


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