Monday, January 3, 2011

now is better than never..

I've had some time to think about 2011.  I know we are in day three of our new year, but now is better than never.   Some of us create lists of things to accomplish through the year, comprising of things that are so far overstated, like run a marathon, when you never have even put on running shoes, that it makes your list when you look at it seem impossible.  Thus, leaving you unmotivated, depressed, and feeling an extreme lack of self-confidence.  I myself have fallen victim to the "beyond your reach goals."

This year I'm doing things differently and not having resolutions, but a to do list.  I'm take a little more lax approach I guess you could say. I'm creating my things to do in 2011, but they are things that I've been telling myself I will do, but never got around to it, because I haven't had something/someone holding me accountable or to look back on; leaving me to think, "Man, I haven't accomplished squat this year!"  I dont want this year to be that. 

I have some wonderful things in my life happening this year, mainly becoming Mrs. Gregg, so I want 2011 to be MY year.  My year for accomplishments. My year for beginnings. My year for changes. My year to live. My year to become what I have been and what I've wanted to be.

My To-Do List for 2011:
  1. Find volunteer work.  Whether it be a soup kitchen (which I would like most) or a Mission center to volunteer at every couple of months so I can help the less fortunate. I have done this in the past and it was so rewarding, but have since fallen off that train.
  2. Make risotto.  I hear its an absolutely delicious dish and I've been wanting to try, but  just keep telling myself no. 
  3. Take more photographs. Simple enough, I just don't do it.
  4. Stop berating myself.  Love myself more - no matter my clothing size.
  5. Eat better/exercise more.  I used to be really good at this, but have since failed miserably.
  6. Write more.  Send more letters, cards, notes via snail mail.  Technology is really killing the vintage, heartfelt, personalized ways of communication we used to enjoy.
  7. Learn something new.  I need to learn something, keep my brain young, like knitting.
  8. Get back into arts & crafts/Start an ETSY shop.  I got lazy with this.  I used to make all kinds of things that I was proud of. What happened Bethani?!

This is just a start to things I hope my life can embrace & experience this year.  As a part of this new year, new Bethani lifestyle, a monthly blog update about my progress of my to-do list will be done, as a source of accountability.   Also the journey to Mrs. Gregg continues so keep watching for that.. 

What wonderful things are you hoping to accomplish and/or experience this year?


  1. What a nice list for 2011. Some of the stuff on your list is on my list too. But the thing I hate the most about lists is that I'm great at keeping them for the first few months and then I eventually forget about them. I am working on monthly/resolutions this time. =) Happy new Year!

  2. that's a great list. i definitely think that making a to-do-list is better than a new year's resolution because it's more defined and specific. this year i want to learn how to cook. it's something that i'm horrible at, so that's one of the things i'd like to accomplish this year. :)

  3. Don't you just LOVE getting good fortune cookies?! I know I do :) Best of luck on all your To-Do's dear!!

  4. yay! start an etsy shop!
    do it!
    That's a great list!

    I can't wait to get my mail! however- the boyfriend and I are leaving wednesday for a trip to new zealand. we'll be gone for a couple of weeks- so There will be a delay on the reply letter! but just know it's coming.♡

  5. I'm new to the Etsy frenzy...purchased my first items the other day. And LOVE them! What great quality!!! Stopping by from FTLOB- that's a great list for your resolutions. I'm not much of a resolution gal list is pretty full w/all that entails wife and mom of 4 boys!

  6. Just coming by on the blog hop. Following you now, come on by and follow me back.

  7. Great approach! Now is better than never! Good luck with it all! :)

  8. I would love to volunteer but not sure of good places to get started in the Dallas/Frisco area... that is something on my to do list too! Let us know what you decide to do... I love to read stories about volunteering and the experiences people have helping others. Very rewarding stuff!


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