Tuesday, January 4, 2011

are you truly & honestly happy?

I don't know how many of my readers out there watch CBS on Monday nights, more particularly How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM.) The mister and I are pretty consistent on staying current with our TV shows, so after tux shopping last night, which ended with a check off our to-do list, we were able to squeeze in one of our Monday night regulars, HIMYM.

We managed to get caught up in the countdown of numbers from 50 as soon as the first scene began.  Did anyone else catch this countdown?  At some points I believe I was so busy trying to find the next number I missed parts of the show.  

Spoiler alert begins now if you haven't watched yet.  Next thing you know, Lily is getting out of taxi "001" crying and breaks the news to our ever so beloved Marshall that his dad had a heart attack and passed away, ending the episode with the two hugging and crying in the rain. 

Maybe it was just me, maybe it was everyone watching, but I was NOT expecting that.  And by not expecting that, I mean, I felt the tears a little beginning to fill in my eyes.  Seriously? The first episode into the New Year starts like this?   How can CBS do that?  But I started thinking, which we all know I'm terribly good at.

I'm sure things had to be bittersweet for Marshall and Lily; something terrible had to happen for them to be overcome with joy of a pregnancy maybe?  I don't know.  I'm the world's worst about NEEDING to try and predict what happens on the next episode.

But spoiling the show for someone or ranting about the outcome was not the whole reason for my post.  I think HIMYM and the producers had somewhat of a hidden meaning behind it for our New Year or maybe I just found/created my own hidden message so I can justify watching. I don't know, I'm goofy like that at times.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our day to day routines that we don't live our lives to the fullest that we miss tons of opportunities to be with those we love or doing what we love.  We do this because we want to ensure life is perfect. Life isn't always perfect. Let life runs it course, God has a plan for you. You're here for a reason. Maybe you won't have that baby like Marshall and Lily, but as we saw with Marshall's parents, that was ok - life wouldn't be ruined if they didn't have one. Marshall's parents were still beaming with happiness everytime we saw them, no matter what they were doing or how life was going. They were living their lives to the max! and wanted the same happiness for Marshall and Lily. I'm glad by the end of the episode Marshall and Lily found some of that happiness knowing that they are both able to have children, and that life will continue if they don't have that baby tomorrow.

So my challenge is to take one day at a time.  Live your life.  Be who you want to be and fulfill the dreams and wants you want to fulfill.  Its not always about making sure you're life makes everyone else happy, because your life belongs to you.  You are the first person that you need to make happy, then you will be able to make others truly happy. Its also not always about making sure everything is perfect and storybook.  Your life is going to have road bumps.  Its going to stray from the normal course sometimes.  THAT IS OKAY! That is what keeps our lives interesting and from being terribly boring.  That's why its YOUR life, no one else has it.  God planned it especially for you,  because he knows you can handle it. And you can handle it! No matter how low some days feel, I believe in you, as well as many others.

Make sure your days are lived as though they could be your last.  We aren't guaranteed tomorrow or the next day.  Hell, we aren't guaranteed the full day when we wake up.  God is the only one who knows when your last breath and blink will be.  So let's make every day count!


  1. ah i didn't notice the 50-001 countdown in it! i'm totally going to go back and watch again.

    but i definitely started tearing up at the end. i could not believe it! i've been watching since i was in high school, so they feel like family members to me, too.

    loved this post!!

  2. Great post!!! I seriously got a fortune cookie fortune last night that said, "Don't strive to be someone else, discover who you are and be the best you, you can be!" :)

  3. Le sigh. YES!
    love it!

    and it was a wonderful episode. :)


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