Friday, January 28, 2011

make that color pop!

Happy Friday friends!  We made it through another daunting week and I'm sure you are as glad its Friday as I am.

With that said, I am throwing around a couple of things right now, and color is one of them.  Who doesn't LOVE color?  It makes life so much more interesting!

Above are a few color combos I'm playing with in my head and at my sewing table right now for a few items I'm working on for Cheers, Bethani.   I think these colors are so "in" right now and catchy! What I'm looking for are some names for these color combos... The combos are:

a.) poppy red + white + sky blue  = ???

b.) bubble gum pink + sea foam green + chocolate brown = ???

c.) chocolate brown + cotton candy pink + periwinkle blue = ????

I've got a few ideas in my head, but want some additional input, if you may have some.  I would like the names to somewhat flow together, like places, names, foods, etc.  

I also know there are million other color combos out there that are "in" right now. If you have any other "in" color combos that you know of & think I should know about, email me your color board, and what name you would give it.  Inspiration is what I'm all about for my store, things people love and want to see.  I will then share your color combo & name with the rest of my blog friends - and if your combo is down right extremely popular among the fans, I will feature an item using your combo in my store with the name you give it.  Sounds exciting huh?!  I think it does.  Any questions, let me know!

That's all I've got for now...  Have a FANTASTIC Friday my loves!



  1. LOVE THESE! I'm going to spend some time to day brainstorming for your combo names:) happy friday!

  2. Oohh I think I like a! I have seen SO much turqoise and red lately. It's a combination I would never come up with on my own, but I love the way it looks. Your a reminds me of it!

  3. we sure did! so happy the weekend is here!!! i'm not sure about names for the others but i love that a. reminds me of those rocket ship popsicles. i think i have summer dreams on my mind. fun combos, one and all. love your new shops name too, congrats lades. ♥

  4. how gorgeous! the first combo reminds me of a know the ones I'm talking about! ROCKET POPS. you probably don't want to use that, but it's a spring board ;) xo

  5. I love these colors and love your blog- so cute! The second color combination is my favorite!


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