Monday, October 24, 2011

welcome back to the grind.

welcome back to monday my fabulous blogging friends.   i took a much need vacation thursday and friday to get some much needed things accomplished.  mainly just the dreaded social security office and dmv office for the name change from {s} to {g}.  totally legit now.  it feels good. i hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  heres a little of what we (or i in some cases) did.

had lunch on friday with this lady who runs this totally awesome store

caught up on most of our tv shows while chowing down on some yummy treats from here.  total guilty pleasure.

celebrated my mothers birthday at this restaurant.  i actually ate here friday too. but its just soo yummy!

put a little fall into our lives at the pumpkin patch.

watched too much of this.  but it is october. and it is the world series. and the texas rangers are playing.

and enjoyed some much needed r&r.

What fun things did you (and your loved ones) do this weekend?


  1. awww so jealous you went to a pumpkin patch! i totally want to go!!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Mingle Monday!! :)

  3. we always catch up on our shows on the weekend too. so much better that way, for some reason.

  4. What a fun weekend. Esaparzas again?! Yummo it was delish! I had so much fun on Friday. Much needed girl time for sure. The pumpkin patch in on my list of things to do next!
    xx-Keri Bohemian Backbone

  5. Sounds like a lovely weekend!!! The hubs and I just chilled out and did stuff at home. It was a nice change of pace! :)

  6. Sounds like a perfect fall weekend! I also went out for a birthday dinner, and made it out to the pumpkin patch!


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