Wednesday, October 5, 2011

walk a mile, see a million things

finally... pretty much the last "stop" on our honeymoon.  it was the walking tour.  seeing, learning, and just taking it all in. 

we started off here.  several different building dating back to when the germans settled here first. it was pretty interesting.  we actually managed to run into some of the ladies staying at the same B&B and a gentleman who was giving a little "private" tour.  he grew up living the way the germans did.  his family was some of the first to settle in Fredericksburg and his sweet little wife worked the front register at the museum.

after that we decided to roam the city and look at all the buildings on our own little self guided tour.  it was pretty awesome seeing the sites and learning so much in within one little city.

and something else... Fredericksburg has its very own Bed and Brew - the brewing company owns it!  Totally adding this one to my list.. I mean food, brew and sleep.  How better can a vacation get?! Speaking of Brewing Company - you must visit this place if you are around the area! They brew 5 different brews at a time and thats it.  Thats all your choices.  Nothing whimpy like bud or coors are hanging out in this place.  Just what they currently offer.  and when its gone, its gone.  :)  Happy Drinking I tell ya.  And the food is pretty awesome too!
Thats it for the honeymoon.  I may throw in another post of just the B&B we stayed at here soon. 

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