Tuesday, October 25, 2011

blogger secret santa 2011

on my drive home last night from work, i kept thinking about this secret santa thing.  i came to the conclusion that this would be a terrific way for people to "give" a little something to someone that don't know quite that well as well as sharing alittle of bit of where they are from with someone else.

so it was decided.  blogger secret santa 2011 is taking place. and i would love for people near and far to be apart of this.  tell your friends. blog about it.  tweet it like crazy. facebook it. whatever you do.

i decided i need to get on the ball if this is going to work out, so if you are interested (which i hope you are, because i think its going to be alot of fun!), send me an email: sugarbearbear {at} live {dot} com with the following information:

email address:

this way i can start getting a list together of people who really want to participate.  the deadline to join the blogger secret santa event is Friday November 11, 2011.  thats LOTS of time to blog, tweet and tell your friends to join us.  once i have received information on all the participants, i will send out a form for everyone to fill out so your "secret santa" can have a little guidance on your gift.  

i do have a few requirements in order to participate.. its nothing crazy, but its to insure fair play and communication can be maintained with everyone who wants to take part.  they are:

a.) must be a follower of my blog - this way all blog updates about the event will show up in your google reader so you can stay in the know.
b.) be willing to spend 15 USD dollars on the person you receive to buy for.  (its only fair everyone spends the same amount)
c. be able to have your gift purchased and shipped to your person by december 15.  (that gives USPS 10 days to get them their present)
c.) must be willing to have fun (of course!)

once everyone has received their gifts, i will host a linky party, so you can link up and show up what your secret santa got you. 

if you have any questions or concerns, let me know.
thanks again!

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  1. Fab idea! Is it open internationally cos shipping from the UK to the US is about two weeks?


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