Monday, October 10, 2011

these smells are welcome and familar.. hello autumn!

the husband and i galavanted at the greatest fair on Earth, yesterday. 
the rain didnt stop us.
welcomed by Big Tex saying "Howdy Folks," I knew exactly Autumn had arrived.

i got my fix of a corn dog and funnel cake.  i passed on the fried oreos this time, but the funnel cake didnt make me miss them any less.

we feed a few babies at the petting zoo.
 have i mentioned i want a baby goat yet? because i do!

we scoped out a few cars that we may be getting next.
we ate lots of yummy samples.
and we even visited a texas history museum.


  1. Ahhhh, funnel cake!! I can't wait to have one! The fair will be here in...about 2 weeks. Hooray!!

  2. oh my gracious, i love me a good autumn fair! we went to some on our new england trip. something about them just screams FALL! looks like such a great time:)


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