Tuesday, October 18, 2011

4/30/2011. our day. the ceremony

the ceremony has finally arrived.  its time to get seated and the show to begin.

it seemed like forever for everyone to get seated so i could come out of the bride's lair.  lol

while my dad and i waited to make our grand entrance, we killed time by telling jokes - see bottom right picture.  people still ask me what was so funny... sadly i have no idea.

it was time for the girls (& boy) to make their ways down the aisle.  everyone was ready.. or so we thought.  emilee, our flower girl, had been talking about her role since she found out she got to wear a pretty dress and throw flowers.  that was until those doors opened and it was her turn.

it took some slight coaxing from my mother & the event coordinator, but she eventually made it down.  she was so nervous, she forgot to throw the petals.  and poor thing, stumbled up the alter stairs in front of everyone.  luckily enough, she only had a bruised ego for a few minutes and continued being our happy flower girl.

here's some of my favorite shots from the ceremony itself.  this was the first time i was going to see the now husband in almost 2 days.  ugh!  and if anyone knows us, we are never apart, except for work.  so the long wait was terrible!

once the doors opened, i felt the largest weight come off my shoulders.  the hugest relief in my life seeing him, waiting for me just a few yards away.   lots of tears were shed - i felt like a blubbering idiot, but i know everyone feels that way at that moment.

funny story... dad and i get down the aisle.. my dad gives me over to the mister.  i proceed to try and kiss the mister..  ALREADY! the minister was like wait wait wait.  i'm telling you, i missed him!  i always kiss him first thing in the evenings when i see him and first thing when we wake up.  bad habit maybe?  lol i dont know, but it sure eased the pressure and gave everyone a good laugh during the ceremony. 

after the vows were said, rings were exchanged and a prayer about a loving and happy marriage for all, we were MARRIED!

walking out of the chapel, married, hand in hand, pure elation and happiness consumed my whole body..  i couldn't stop smiling.

up next..  the reception begins... first up.. the entrance & dinner!


  1. Kissing your husband anytime is never a bad habit!!! :) Lovely pictures Bethani!!! You looked stunning!

  2. Hahahah, I seriously love that you tried to kiss him! That's awesome! And the "funny" things like that that happen during the ceremony are the best ever! They lighten the mood and it is nice to hear everyone chuckle!


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