Thursday, October 27, 2011

thursday's things #1

with me getting back into "hardcore" blogging, i've decided i need to have a few regular series that i have over at the blog. i already participate in Friday Fancies & Little Notes,  but i need to share more of what i want to do, things to make, places to visit, etc - so i'm titling it thursday's things.  it might be a couple things or a million, but its going to be a new regular around here and i hope you enjoy it.

and here's my first edition.

macaroons.  i want to make them.  they are so cute and petite and everything french.  and i have this small fondness of france and really want to go there one day.  so bad, its on my bucket list.  but with the economy being totally crappy & the hubs and i saving for big things, like a house, france is going to have to wait.  so why not bring alittle of it to me. 

with christmas & all the festive activities just around the corner, i think it would be the perfect time to add macaroons to the list. the great cook-a-palooza needs a new addition & think this one would be perfect!


snow.  and lots of snow.  taza made a comment on twitter yesterday about parts of dc possibly seeing snow.  i'm jealous. lots jealous at that.  last winter, it snowedalot. & i loved it.  every moment of it.  even if it meant trudging to work via carpool because my car was slightly buried & my nose was frozen.  i loved it! the scarves, the coats, the boots, the snowball fights, the smoke billowing out of chimneys, the hot chocolate with marshmellows, having to shovel pathways, the footprints left behind. 


 and i want mother nature to bless us again this year with so more, because this texas girl loves the winter and the snow. 

This is also going to my first link up that I'm doing, which I plan to make a regular on my "series" posts, so anyone else can participate.

So here's your chance.. 


  1. Ooh macaroons sound yummy! Where we live now I think the chances of us getting much if any snow are minimal... BUT I had enough where I grew up to last awhile. haha.

  2. what a pretty snow photo! I can't say I like snow... I've lived in it way too often in different places to enjoy it anymore.... but I can appreciate it's beauty.

  3. ha, i lol'ed about "hardcore blogging". good luck on the macaron making! i want to make some at some point but i'm intimidated by how difficult they are to get right. :)

  4. I wish I could share your excitement for snow, I like winter but after 7+ months of it snow starts to lose it's appeal!!

  5. yum, macarons!! i tried making them twice: the first time my sister and i were drunk and didn't get the measurements right and were too impatient to let them sit. the second time, i was extra patient and obsessive and did everything exactly according to the recipe and it worked! they are so worth the effort!

  6. Snow!! I love snow, but dont so much like the actual cold! It's supposed to snow here on Saturday too! (Philly is where I live) We'll see if it really happens!


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