Wednesday, October 19, 2011

target is such a tease...

i wish i may.
the husband & i made a quick run for a few essentials to target last night and i of course had to zoom through the shoe department finding anything that might attract my shoe addicted eyes.

if you know, i've got a small hankering for a pair of riding boots. so i have kept my eyes peeled near and far for a pair that a.) suits what i want & b.) matches what my frugal shopping self will spend on a pair.

and i must admit target does do a pretty fair job when it comes to the latest fashions in shoes.  and i did find a pair of riding boots there.  but i'm not totally sold.  close, but no sale just yet. want to keep my options open and browse a little while longer. 

anyway back from my wild tanget into riding boot world. i happened upon a pair of these totally cute and totally sweet moccasins! and i'm not one to jump onto the mocassin train, and i never have been.  but these beauties, look great and feel even better on my little feet.   the frugal personliaty of mine even agreed with these things.

sadly, they didnt have my size.  everything but.  i could either have cut my toes off to fit in a six or stuffed tissues in the toes to wear a nine.  it was kind of sad.  not even kind of sad.  it was REALLY sad. they didnt even have my size in purple. and i'm not one to wear purple shoes. in fact, i dont recall ever owning purple shoes.  but if they would have had a 7 1/2 or 8 in purple, i would have made them work until i found a black pair.

so unfortunately, i am now on the hunt for the mocassins and riding boots. the shoe list just keeps getting longer. the husband will be thrilled.


  1. Oh I just bought boot moccasins and I LOVE THEM!!!!!
    Great choice indeed!

    I stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say hi! Come on over and follow Color Issue...a blog all about color! :-)


  2. ooh those are cute! Target is my go-to..I just can't help it! I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars on shoes too.

    found you on mingle monday!


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