Wednesday, October 12, 2011

i can hear the ground singing


i awoke this morning (well, it was more like 3am) to the sound of rain falling.  it was a welcoming sound.  a sound we havent heard in quite some time.  it rained some on saturday, but not like i was hearing this early morning.   it was heavy.  the gutter couldn't keep up. it made me want to snuggle closer to the husband and stay in bed all day, catching up on the DVR and senseless reality tv that my mind doesnt need but has a guilty desire for.

texas hasnt seen any rain in quite some time & our dear landscapes are really in dire need of it.  so im sure right now their little inner voices are singing sounds of praise for this much needed drink of water.  they are thanking the clouds above. as well are all of us here in texas.

we happily put on our rain gear, pulled out our dusty umbrellas and ventured out on morning commutes. the sound of our dried out wipers scratched across the windshield trying to keep up. they quickly found their niche. i think drivers were stunned by the sudden downpour; driving like there was a sheet of ice on the roads, trying not to hydroplane to their destinations.  i don't think my honda ever hit the speed limit.  but thats okay, because rain was falling.

rain, you are more than welcome to stick around for awhile. 
texas won't mind. or atleast the husband and i wont.


  1. Such a lovely post! I love waking up to the sound of rain, especially on the weekend when I can sleep in.


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