Thursday, October 13, 2011

its no steak & potato, but it is the postseason

some nights, my eating habits are like that of a five year old.  spaghettios, velvetta mac & cheese or something close to that texture and consistency.  other nights, its steak, grilled shrimp & a potato.

nights of ALCS baseball, its simple meals like this.  pasta and sauce (with olives, of course!) garlic bread happily accompanied our quick meal & we washed it down with fresh baked oatmeal scotties for dessert.  

theres nothing fancy at all about this meal, mainly because of the fact, that the wacky mac was not highly stocked in our pantry like i thought, so poor plain spaghetti noodles had to be a fill in for what wasn't there.  thats okay though.  throw on some homeade sauce and it all tastes the same.  and what you have is a quick hot meal that can be enjoyed at the coffee table, while rooting on your favorite MLB team.

who knows what might be for dinner tonight.  mexican chicken foil pouches?  quesadillas? who knows. after all, we do have more baseball tonight and hopefully, the @Rangers will advance to the World Series tonight in game 5 of the ALCS against the Tigers.  kudos last night again to Nelson Cruz for smashing the ball once again and taking us to another win in the #postseason.


  1. Sometimes mac and cheese is the best thing ever..I have 5 year old eating habits every now and then too :)

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  2. Looks very yummy to me--my schedule is so hectic I rarely get an actual meal =(


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