Monday, October 17, 2011

4/30/2011. our day. getting ready.

i'm a little jealous in the time difference it took the mister compared to me to get ready for our day.  between hair, makeup and getting that monstrosity of a wedding dress on i was beat.   thank goodness we had a run through beforehand so we knew exactly how much time we needed to get ready. 

my bridesmaid showed up ready and my MOH got ready in no time flat, so it made our room less chaotic than it could have been. 

i'm not sure exactly how long it took mister to get ready, but based on all the "fun" the boys had, plus all the goofing off they did before they got ready, i'm thinking it wasn't very much time.  :)

luckily they had the dads there to help with cuff links and getting the ring bearer ready, because it sounded like they needed all the help they could get in those departments.

after all the party members were fancied, it was time for group shots with them.
without the bride and groom getting a peek of each other.
those are up next!


  1. You know, it's not really fair that the woman is closed away, sitting in her big beautiful dress before the wedding, while the man is out hanging with all the guests lol. Someone should look at that policy.

  2. Yeah, pretty sure it took me WAY longer to get ready than my groom too! But I guess that's why the bride gets such a special entrance... TO make all that time getting ready worth it! haha.


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