Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Fancies #2

I got the idea for this week's Friday Fancies theme basically because its October.  And besides October being all about Halloween, its Breast Cancer Awareness month.  At my work, I've been apart of our Komen Race team every year and know what kind of impact Komen has on breast cancer awareness, prevention and finding a cure for this horrible illness.

Plus if the NFL are secure enough in their manhoods to wear pink on game day, why not throw the idea out there that a Friday Fancies can show their support as well. I didn't want my outfit to scream or vomit pink everywhere, but this outfit is very appropriate to show my support.  Enjoy!

1. Like I said before, its all about the shoes.  The Yves Saint Laurent 80 peep toe pumps made this outfit definitely ideal for October. 
2. Even though these to die for earrings are way beyond my means of living, I would have no problem adding them to my wardrobe for a knock your socks off look.
3. The black blouse may not say much, but it can pair well into any outfit selection.  If you know me, I'm all about being able to make pieces work in several different scenarios.   It has some ruffle, which pumps it up from being a boring black top, to being something more.
4. I really love this skirt by ALICE.  I think it may be my favorite piece of this collection.  It has pops of pink throughout, but remains subtle for a professional work day piece or a girls night out.
5. For some reason, when I think PINK, I always think of nail polish! Essie does a fantastic job of having every shade out there, and this hue, definitely could find its place in my nail polish collection anytime!


  1. yay for cute items that support a FABULOUS cause:) so happy this was your post today, girl!

  2. It was a great idea! Loving all the outfits. Those earrings are sooo fab! Newest follower :)

  3. You had a great idea for a theme this week! I had fun with it. I love your look too.

    Have a fabulous weekend...

  4. Oh my gosh, those shoes are amazing!!!!!!!

  5. Love the theme idea! I was thrilled when I got the email telling us we were thinking pink!!

    Your look is completely gorgeous. I agree with you that it doesn't vomit pink but it definitely has enough to show your support!


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