Wednesday, October 19, 2011

4/30/2011. our day. entrance and food.

the ceremony was now over and it was time to party!

the NOW husband and i decided we wanted to have fun with our entrance. 
so we had our wedding party enter to the Ghostbusters theme song. 

insert random fact here: Ghostbusters is the mister's like all time favorite movie. he knows the words. and dressed up as one as kid once.

the entrance was quite memorable.
no one was expecting ghostbusters. not even our wedding party.
it was fantastic. we loved it.

can you tell how surprised i was by the look on my face?
i had not seen ANYTHING in the reception hall that day.
so decor, set-up, everything was a total surprise.
it was great and i loved it!

the food.
oh my goodness!
the food!

we had everything! well just about.
pasta salad (somehow i missed this one)
chicken breasts
fresh fruits and veggies
meatballs in the oh so yummy sauce that i absolutely LOVE.
cold cuts for small sammies.
and more. sadly i cant remember it all.

if people went home hungry, it was their fault.
we had so much food. and from what i hear there were plenty of leftovers!

up next.. dancing. dancing. and lots of partying at the reception!


  1. congrats! your dress is gorgeous, love the bow. and how fun... ghostbusters! haha that is awesome.


  2. Great pictures! I'd love to have you be a bridal guest blogger! Just email me at for more info!


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