Thursday, March 15, 2012

our home: an update + cloudy head syndrome

the picture really doesnt do the home justice, but its the only one i can find at the moment.  just figured  i would give an update on our home buying.  we are patiently waiting for the next step in the process.  we have succesfully gone through the inspection, signed the million papers (the first time!), got them submitted to the underwriter & are now waiting for the appraisal, survey & closing.  i think the waiting game is the most stressful part.

we have been packing what we can here the last few days & our apartment is looking more barren each day. i'm shocked at how much stuff we managed to fit into our tiny one bedroom.  i'm anxiously waiting to get the keys & have ridiculous amounts of space for what seems like a million items.  we are hoping to close at the beginning of april, but anything can happen.

i've been trying to decide where i want my blog to go at this point in my life.  i've really enjoyed all the friendships i've gained from this little space i've created in blogger world.  but sometimes i feel like i really am not using my blog to its greatest abilities. 

i still want my blog to be about me & my life (love, food and adventures included!), but i feel like theres so much more i can be doing with it.  and not to a social competition level.  i'm not writing this blog to have a million followers or to have my name recognized at the local grocery, but i want to reach out and do something, like being an active voice for a organization, charity or starting up something of the like. if anyone has any ideas, thoughts or something already happening that i can be apart of, let me know.  im thinking something along the lines of hunger outreach.. hmmmm.  thoughts?

 & for those that may have seen yesterday, i really want to start or find a local blogger meet and greet; so i'm currently playing with that idea as well.  if anyone is in the dfw area and wants to collaborate, let me know.

so many things in my head i tell you. we will see where it all takes me.


  1. I know the waiting game is horrible! But I'm sure everything will be just fine! Good luck! And your home looks wonderful! xxx

  2. I love your new house! It looks a little like our home. =)
    I can't wait for you to move in and decorate away. That's the fun part.
    Also, I would love, love to collaborate with you on a local blogger meet up, do you still have my number? =)


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