Thursday, March 1, 2012

crushing: bazaar style fabrics

so i think i've decided i want to style our dining room in a moroccan, arabian night kind of design. all the vibrant colors, amazing designs, and endless possibilities, i thought it would be the perfect "getaway" to enjoy while dining just the two of us or with a houseful of friends or family.

and if you know me, i'm as frugal as they come, so when i was seeing 60-80 dollars for a tablecloth, i thought "no freaking way!" so i am taking the task upon myself and doing a little DIY work, making my own table linens. 
i scoured the internet looking for just the perfect fabric for a table cloth and narrowed it down to five that i found at moona fabrics.   i'm pretty sure husband will say whichever you like, so heres where i want your opinions.  i plan on making a table cloth out of a printed patten, then using solid colors for napkins, place mats, runner, etc.... 

thanks again for your opinions! they are truly appreciated!


  1. Hmm... I think Fuchsia Mademoiselle is my favorite of the five. Medallion iron would be second. That will make for a beautiful dining room!!

  2. Oh goodness I LOVE all of them! Medallion gold or ocean gem may be my top picks for a dining room table, though! Ooh can't wait to see what else you pick out!


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