Monday, March 5, 2012

eatery challenge #2

it was a very eventful weekend for husband and i, which made it seem to zoom right by.

saturday we hopped over to our "new home" and showed it off to our families and one of my co-workers
who just so happens to live right down the street! how convenient right?!

after working up a sweat showing off our new home,
husband, i and my side of family headed to what has now become eatery challenge numero dos
to sastify our sweet tooths

they offer all kinds of sweet treats
from frozen yogurt with ALL the toppings
to pastries, even crepes!
let's just say theres a little something for everyone there.

while the majority was mixing and matching yogurts,
i opted for red velvet cake. obviously!
it wasn't quite what i was expecting.
i was thinking perfect red velvet with a layer of
blissful cream cheese frosting in between then frosted with yet
another layer of cream cheese frosting.

i was wrong.

the layer in between was some weird vanilla pale pink colored
frosting. far from the cream cheese type my taste buds were ready for. i was a bit sad, but i ate it anyway.
now the top was cream cheese frosting, but the middle layer was so vanilla-y that i couldnt get the true red velvet - cream cheese combo that i was really set out to get.

the others had yogurt (which i have experienced in the past)
and they do have pretty awesome options along with a topping bar that seems to go on forever.

if you're not in the mood for sweets, they also offer
pizza cones (never heard of these before)
chinese food
& tacos.

quite the assortment eh?

blue cherry ranks high on my list of places to frequent
but i sadly will say, i will not be getting their
red velvet cake again.

emilee finishing her yogurt with a straw.

later this week, you will get a few recipes (including super easy monkey bread)
and maybe a few other fun things.

hope you all had spectacular weekends and have a rockin' monday!


  1. Sounds and looks amazing! Seems like a wonderful weekend, how exciting to show off your new home! Happy Monday xxx

  2. OH man! It looks so good... Sad it was a disappointment! When do we get house pics?!?! :)


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