Wednesday, March 21, 2012

hump day happiness

its the first wednesday of spring and i have a jillion reasons to be happy today...

rain! in the past 2 days we have gotten about 4.5 inches of rain! its like monsoon season, because the weather folks are saying theres potential for more rain today.  and all this rain puts us like at 13 inches for the year so far, double where we should we be. very thankful, because i know in july & august we will be wishing for more.

apprasials.  our home was supposed to undergo the appraisal yesterday. can't wait to hear the news - hoping its worth alot more than what were paying. 

new friends.  damon introduced me to a fellow he works with and his wife this past weekend. super awesome people & hope they become long lasting friends of ours.

smash.  i love this show.  everytime i watch it, it just puts a smile on my face. maybe its the music, or the dancing.. or maybe it reminds me of my trip to new york & seeing broadway. broadway is pretty spectacular if you've never been.. any other smash fans?

blackberry cobbler.  the picture above doesnt do this amazing dessert justice.  its getting to be the time for blackberries again, which means more homeade yumminess in cobbler form.  and when its not the season, i know i can go to the local grocery and get a frozen one. yay mom for that find! i think its my most favorite dessert even. even more so than red velvet.  eek.

what things are on your hump day happiness list?

if you choose to join in,
let me know, so i can check your happy things.
be sure to add my picture to you post.
thanks! xo

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  1. Blackberry cobbler is the best. Any cobbler! SO yummy! I wish we were getting some more rain here... We had some snow, sleet-ish stuff day before yesterday but not much...


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