Thursday, March 22, 2012

blogger bonanza dfw 2012

alot of interest was sparked from this post. which makes me smile. & a few people have even wanted to collaborate on this to make it successful.

i'm got a few ideas, but heres where i need your help.....  i need suggestions on the following things.

where to hold hold the bonanza, need a few options?? 
     for example -  a fondue place has been mentioned
do goodie bags?? if so, what kind of items would you like to see in them??
allow non bloggers (just readers) to attend??

also would like to know who in the dfw area would seriously be interested in participating, so i can get a general idea of what size space we would need to look at...  also what dates are totally off the calendar for you, so i can narrow down when are "good days" to hold the event....

heres a form you can use for feedback >> blogger bonanza 2012

thanks in advance..

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  1. Yes! I would love to meet up! Weekdays are pretty much impossible for me due to school, but lunch or something in afternoon on Saturdays work, also some Fridays and some Wednesdays. And I like the fondue idea :P


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