Thursday, March 29, 2012

featured sponsors: chrissy & jen

last week we met kassi & kayli of truly lovely blog & this week i'm introducing to you to my other two ladies.

  meet chrissy of whimsical poppysmic!  i've enjoyed reading her blog posts and following her on instagram.  her and her daughter, leonie, currently reside in germany (how fun!) and always up  to some kind of fun activity. 

they just finished a cute little easter display using real egg shells that is beyond cute & she made french knots that would anyone swoon.

be sure to check out her etsy shop for some really cute items, like jewelry and wall art.


meet jen! she blogs over at freckle on the nose & currently resides in north carolina. she has two adorable kitties, ollie & josie, who she spoils like children.  she also has a man in her life, keith (pictured above)

be sure to stop by her little blog & see all her DIY inspiration & life adventures.

thanks again to all my march sponsors!!
if you are interested in sponsoring in april, i still have spots on open.


  1. Aw, thanks so much, Bethani, you are the sweetest!
    Hugs xxx

  2. Well hello Jen and Chrissy! :) Nice to meet you!!!


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