Friday, March 30, 2012

little notes #6

happy friday my lovely friends! its been a while since i've done one of these, so i figured i would start friday off with some notes.

dear apartment,
how did husband and i manage to accumlate so much stuff in the past few years. seriously.  i have been packing for what seems like weeks now & theres still a million more things that need to be packed. and by next weekend. and i have to go on a box hunting mission tonight. should be interesting.

dear sunny weather,
wow you got warm really quickly.. if this is any indication of what summer will be like, i'm really not looking forward to summer. not even april yet & already in the 80s.

dear kitties,
i know yall are super thrilled about all the boxes in the house that yall get to play in.  but things are about to change big time for all of us.  i know yall have no idea whats about to happen, but i'm pretty sure you wont be disappointed. lots of hiding spaces and window watching opps are coming.

dear time change,
as much as a i grumbled about losing that hour of sleep, its been pretty enjoyable in the evenings. sunlight a little longer always means getting more done.

do you have any little notes?
feel free to share.
even grab the above picture for your post.

happy a fantastic weekend my loves.


  1. love all of these:) and yay about new spaces for the kitties! i too love the daylight savings time. after my sleep-deprived body adjusted, i welcome the sun now:)

  2. Right!?! This summer is going to be a SCORCHER if things continue the way their going!! Good luck on the box hunt tonight!


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