Tuesday, March 20, 2012

cattle drives + gun fights

sunday we met some friends for a day of food, shopping & people watching.  and the best place to do that??

the fort worth stockyards during spring break. 

husband and i have been there numerous times, but its one of those places that i can visit over and over again and its always fun for me. the food is spectacular.  a little a bit of everything down there.  but if you're a first timer, Risckys BBQ or Steakhouse is the way to go. We prefer the BBQ route, because honestly you can't go wrong with a chopped beef sandwich with a larger than life glass of sweet tea. And for starters, fried pickles seems to be the only way to go anymore. 

after filling our bellies, we headed out for some wandering, shopping, and people watching.  and the stockyards never disappoints. rich culture is something you will always find & if you venture down at the right time, you might find yourself at a rodeo or in the middle of a cattle drive.  oh and "gun fights" are regular, so watch for those too.

and before you leave, dont forget to stop by the candy barrel for all your favorite mouth watering sweets, old and new. 


  1. Sounds like you had a fun, yummy weekend!

  2. This sounds right up my alley!!! You guys always do the funnest things!

  3. I love Fort Worth. I have family that lives smack in the middle of Fort Worth and Dallas and I love visiting them. Such a great place to go and the food is just amazing.


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